With a strong global network in the beauty industry and almost thirty years in the business, Everdea has become one of the most eminent distribution partners in the Nordic field. Valuing professional and frequent dialogues with our suppliers, we maintain our core year after year. We believe in strong relationships based on mutual understanding and common decisions, perfectly reflected in clear agreements. It’s an honor to represent some of the strongest brands on the market and it’s with pride we can guarantee that all are products are genuine.
With a modern digital solution for B2B- sales, a local logistic center and a skilled team with vital competences inhouse, we can guarantee an efficient, smooth and safe customer care. We are working with over hundred retailers in the Nordic region and are proud of the whole spectra covering the largest retail chains in Scandinavia, well established online beauty stores and smaller shops driving sales in their geographic region. By offering all the brands complete assortment to the end consumer, we have gained important information about tendencies and shopping behavior. Our webshop, Colorsvibe, is for that matter a dynamic complement to our B2B- section.
As a selected partner for distribution it’s our priority to strengthen the brands and create healthy conditions for growth. We are for that purpose active on social media and runs several accounts on Instagram and Facebook. With a Head of Production inhouse coordinating support functions in the team, we can deliver unique pictures, updated texts and other kind of relevant content on demand. Since many years, Everdea has a strong network of beauty influencers, editors and media, helping us to reach new customers all over Scandinavia.