Doll Face is an American skin care brand that allows traditional beauty routines to meet modern innovation. A large amount of the ingredients are natural, such as rose oil and yogurt extracts, and they are very careful in their product development process. Doll Face has grown rapidly through social media, much thanks to it’s amazing packaging design. For example, each box contains a small message that makes each purchase a lovely experience.

Everdea has handled the legal distribution of Doll Face since 2017 and launched the brand in May together with the e-commerce giant Nelly. Since then, the brand has expanded sharply and is now available on all major Swedish online retailers in cosmetics and beauty. In the upcoming period, the goal is to establish the brand in physical stores. Doll Face has been well received by the media and the curiosity in blogosphere has been overwhelming.

Doll Face is a cruelty free brand and have a wide range of vegan products in their assortment.

"At Everdea we hope that Doll Face will grow to be the skin care brand that young people venture to invest in. There is so much to choose from in the market and not rarely to a higher price point. Doll Face combines high quality and beautiful design to reasonable prices, thereby we would love to offer Doll Face as a competitive option that young adults can build an individual beauty routine around. "

Therese Carlqvist, Key Account Manager, Everdea