Proclé means key in French, but is despite the name, entirely Swedish. The brand was launched on the Scandinavian market in 2011 and achieved rapid success through affordable everyday products such as body butter and hand soap. In 2016/2017 the brand was redesigned and received a completely new look. The bestseller, Proclé Volume Lip Balm, was re-launched in three different shades and as a completely transparent alternative. The entire collection was also collected in a box, which is now found in most of the major beauty retailers online. During the fall of 2017, more products will be presented where the ambition has been to produce beautifully designed alternatives for the conscious customer having a busy lifestyle. Proclé is owned and operated by Everdea itself.

Proclé is a cruelty free brand.

"It has been a very exciting journey to develop Proclé. I have taken inspiration from the motives of our own capital and we want to convey feelings connected to the geographic spots. You can choose your personal favorite meeting point or buy them as a memory from a city you once visited."

Linnea Ark, Head of Production, Everdea