After more than two decades in the beauty business, we have built our core values upon three important pillars. It’s with great joy we would like to introduce them a little bit closer to you.  

All our brands are cruelty free

It’s with pride we would like to communicate that our complete brand portfolio is cruelty free. This means that all our suppliers have relevant certificates and/or are listed among animal protecting organizations like PETA. We have a wide assortment of vegan products and are always interested in brands working with a clean and green mindset. Since 2013 we are proud members of the Swedish association Kosmetik- och hygienföretagen (     

Our products are genuine

We take the question regarding authentic goods very seriously and are eager to clarify that we run everything regarding our business by the book and straight with each supplier. The products are always sent directly from their logistic center to ours and aren’t repacked or held in storage along the way. We are proud to offer first class quality and see the mission as a distributor as an honor and something that should be done with care and mutual respect.    

With head and heart

We value our business relationships high. For that cause we build and manage our corporate communication and standards with a long term perspective in mind. When helping and supporting each other, we all grow. For that reason we are ambitious and at the same time flexible, delivering sustainable solutions. In short, we are closing deals with both are heads and our hearts.  


We run our business with both head and heart, since our partner relationships are our highest priority.
We are proud over our business relationships and by updated agreements with all our suppliers we can guarantee that our products are authentic.
You can always trust that our brands and products are cruelty free.